AMNH exhibition videos on dinosaur-bird transition

Producer for Interactive, Multimedia Exhibit

Played key role on broad team of scientists, researchers, artists, technologists, animators, et al. to create interactive, multimedia exhibit.

Work Highlights:

  • Developed budget and schedules for the production of two featured videos (the introduction to the exhibit and the main video in the exhibit's sit-down theatre)
  • Conducted thorough research into the scientific evidence of the dinosaur-bird transition
  • Interviewed six scientists on camera, including paleontologist Mark Norell whom the Wall Street Journal dubbed "the coolest dude alive."
  • Scouted and secured 10+ locations for six shoots
  • Produced b-roll shoots
  • Collaborated with other video and animation producers, an image researcher, videographer, sound recordist, exhibition department personnel and other museum staffers
  • Edited the videos using Premiere Pro on tight deadline

  • Client:
    American Museum of Natural History
  • Date:
    October 2015 - March 2016
  • Category:
  • Roles:
    Producer, Interviewer