From ideation, production & distribution to advertising, marketing & promotion.
Crafts media messages with the right tools to serve both client & audience.


About Erica Rowell


concept / script / direct / produce / edit / distribute / archive

Helping & helming teams of 2-50+ design and deliver award-winning projects and productions across web, mobile, apps, social, print, live events and broadcast channels.

Media Production

For 15+ years I've worked with high-profile clients & partners creating multimedia content for exhibits, events, conventions, online distribution, theatrical release, and broadcast. From concept to production to distribution my experience in the creative & technical aspects of production allows me to work cohesively and efficiently with clients & production teams and find solutions in the deadline crunch and ever-shrinking timelines of creative work.

Digital Marketing & Content Creation

Expertise with digital projects requiring input from various disciplines and stakeholders including visual & interface design, engineering & web development, legal, business development, ad sales, partnerships and analytics. Specialty areas include websites, mobile apps, online campaigns, interactive content creation/production, media acquisition and licensing.


From brainstorming & developing concepts, treatments and storylines, to developing marketing plans and creative briefs, to brand-building, to social media management and blogging, to copywriting & script-writing, to web content creation and architecture, to copywriting for brochures and other collateral, I offer over 10 years hands-on and management experience in corporate communications, marketing, and journalism.



My expertise is in digital content, strategy and multimedia storytelling.

What I Do


  • Video & Audio Production
  • Digital Media Production
  • Digital Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Management & Curation
  • Marketing & Strategy

Adept at managing diverse (and often far-flung) creative teams, structuring the creative process, and developing engaging, audience-driven content, I produce digital media and develope digital strategy. My broad background encompassses web and app development, enterprise and campaign websites, rich and dynamic online media, with an emphasis in integrated campaigns and media partnerships.

Relatedly, I have extensive experience in video production. Most recently, I helmed the production of six video shoots in 12 locations for the the American Museum of Natural History, producing/directing and editing two videos featured in the "Dinosaurs Among Us" exhibition (which opened March 2016). Previously, I led the World Science Festival's digital strategy and properties, overseeing a small team of digital producers, designers, and writers and creating digital content for a media-rich website, email newsletter, social channels, and more.

My video work has been exhibited in museums (AMNH and the National Mississippi River Museum) and broadcast on television (PBS's SciTech Now, Nightly Business Report and Quest). My digital work, which has been lauded in the press with the Philadelphia Inquirer calling it "unparalleled" and Smithsonian magazine calling the interactive energy-saving light bulb guide I spearheaded "the best on the Internet," focuses on a combination of user engagement and usability to enhance the user experience.

Recommendation Excerpts

"I can recommend Erica to a prospective employer, supervisor and/or colleague enthusiastically. She is a joy to work with — great work ethic, creative and a self-starter with an impressive ray of skills in writing, film, and social media. ... Over the six and a half years she worked for Duke, she shot, produced, and edited more than 20 videos that highlighted the work of some of Duke's standout graduates and explored and explained important environmental issues. One of her videos led to coverage of an alumnus on PBS's Nightly Business Report."

—William Chameides, Dean, Duke University

"Erica is a multitalented communications professional with a fluid command of new media from blogs to Twitter to Facebook. ... She has a good wit, is perfectionist by nature, and an extremely dedicated and hard worker. She's hard to beat."

—Scottee Cantrell, Associate Dean of Marketing and Communications, Duke University

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Skill Set

Video Production
Content Creation
Team Management
Brand Development
Contract Negotiation
Partner, Client & Vendor Relations
Editorial Management
Digital Strategy & Planning
Digital Content Production
Digital Management